• INSTAGRAM” a game changer in social Media  and it’s evolution and growth over the years in social media.


     Brief History

  • It started as “Burbn” used as mobile check- in app initially on 6th Oct 2010.
  • Later Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, founders of Instagram started analysing the usage of the app by the users.
  • They found out people are more interested in photo sharing feature rather than check-in feature.
  • Then they studied both the competitor’s business model, “Hipstamatic” and “Facebook”.
  • “Hipstamatic” had great filters but complicated to share whereas in “Facebook” was leading photo sharing app but not for iPhone users.
  • On 12 Oct 2010, the founders launched a simple photo sharing app with different filters keeping easy to post photo platform for iPhone users and named it as “Instagram” combining “instant camera” and “Telegram”
  • On 3rd April 2012, Instagram releases its app for android version and making it global.

     Present Scenario Including facts and figures

  • Total numbers of Monthly active users: 1billion+
  • Total number of daily active Instagram users: 500 million+
  • Instagram stories daily active users: 500 million+
  • Number of accounts that visit Instagram stories everyday: 500 million
  • Number of Business of Instagram: 25 million+

      Evolution of Logo of Instagram

  • Logo of Instagram changes over the years depending on the shape of the instant camera.
  • It started in 2010 with polaroid camera with rainbow strip and they kept on modifying it in 2011 followed by 2016 and then remained unchanged with minimalistic sunset- coloured outline of the original polaroid cam image which symbolizes progress.



This analysis will give us a clear picture to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then it will be easier to convert the weaknesses into strengths.

          i) STRENGTHS – 

1) Customizing pictures with multiple filters with easy share.

2) Community and Value proposition.

3) Mobile Friendly

          ii)  WEEKNESS –

1) Finding influencers or brands or vice- versa.

2) Payment issue by both influencers and brands.

3) Campaign tracking.

         iii) OPPORTUNITY – 

1) Using of Augmented Reality in shopping for e-commerce.

2) Shoppable Tags usage increases for brands.

3) Booming of IGTV for content creators.

         iv) THREATS – 

1) Tough Competition

2) The quest for beauty


          A) ADDING FEATURES – Instagram can add a feature where any brand clicks on the area of interest like food, shoes, travelling etc, they can see the  respective influencers who are working in the same field or vice-versa, in that way it easier to find or approach any influencer or brand.

          B) WALLET OPTION – Wallet option can be added to influencers page to check the amount received by the brands and easier for them to check the breakdown of the payment which will create less misunderstanding between brands and influencers.

          C) CAMPAIGN OPTION – Adding campaign option in both brands and influencers profile gives them the opportunity to track how their campaign is doing. Track the views, clicks and opening webpage from the links or messages will help both of them.


  • Instagram over the years have definitely proved itself as the game changer of social media because of the following attributes mentioned below :-
  • Mobile friendly and almost 85% people spend time on mobile.
  • Increasing brand reach day by day and over 25 million business accounts.
  • Highest engagement rates on posted content in comparison to competitors.
  • Higher conversion rates and tons of organic and referral traffic.
  • They are following and analysing trends initially with only photos and then later on with video consumption.
  • Good platform for brands, influencers, content creators and business to grow and to reach as many people as possible.

So, Instagram is definitely giving a tough competition and totally a game changer for social media and it has evolved and still evolving for the coming years.

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