Our future can only be decided by what we do today. Which carrier option we are going to choose today and whichever carrier option we are going to invest our hard work, time and money is going to give return result in the future. If we follow our dreams and convert our passion into profession then surely nobody can stop us to become successful.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is You. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.                                                                                                        ~ Neil Gaiman

Which carrier option to choose after 10th ?

  1. SCIENCE :-

Most of the students choose science because either they have scored good marks in 10th , so they are suppose to take science or their parents told them to choose this carrier option because of the society. But they don’t understand what if the student’s interest don’t lie in physics chemistry maths bio or may be the student is interested more in history, geography etc.  So choose your carrier option according to your choice, because you have to study only, nobody will study or give exams on behalf of you.

Science is a stream where you will get to study about natural world around us with some logics.

   2  ) ARTS :-

How many of you know the importance of Arts stream ? Almost 80%-85% of students take Arts in 10th either because of not so good marks or may be they don’t find interest in studies further and arts is considered as easy subject because it is more of theory than practical knowledge. But very few people are sure about why they are taking this stream because this stream can help candidates to become an IAS and IPS officer in the future. And many science and commerce students in all over the India leave science and commerce as their subject and start focussing on Polity, Geography, History to get into government Job. Infact, many competitive exams contains 30-50% of syllabus as general studies where students have to go through all the Arts subject. But we all are hardly aware of the importance of this stream.

        3) COMMERCE :-

How many students are really interested in commerce and want to crack CA  or CS ? Almost 60-70% students opt for commerce because they didn’t get a chance in Science and they don’t want to go to arts, so they prefer to stay at the middle and rest don’t like physics and chemistry but like Maths, so they find commerce where they don’t have to study physics, chemistry and they can enjoy Maths as well. But very know the opportunities in commerce.

So, these are few of the opportunities you can look after before making any decision in your life. But always decide what your heart says and not what others say. Because once u start doing good in your career, everything will start making sense. So, decide what your heart says.